Research Group Multiscale Modeling of Multicellular Systems (M³s)

(cfaed group 2012-2015)

group leader haralampos hatzikirou

cfaed Research Group Leader until 10/2015: Dr. Haralampos Hatzikirou


Our goal is the profound understanding of cell decision-making in multicellular systems by means of multiscale mathematical modeling. Single cell decision-making has been a major focus of biology. However, in a multicellular system, cell decisions influence and get influenced by its own micro-environment, consisted of homotypic and heterotypic components. This dialogue makes the system dynamics extremely complex.

Replacing the word “cell” by “agent”, we can draw a useful analogy between biological multicellular systems and technical multi-agent ones. The remarkable way that biological system process information can be a source of inspiration for novel engineering ideas.

Our research is highly interdisciplinary and it is divided into the following three directions:

  • Modeling and analysis of phenomena in biological multicellular systems.
  • Development of novel mathematical tools regarding multiscale analysis and control of multi-agent systems.
  • Translation of our theoretical results into real world solutions, in terms of medicine and engineering.

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