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CNNA 2016 - The 15th International Workshop on Cellular Nanoscale Networks and their Applications

23.08.2016 (Tuesday) - 25.08.2016 (Thursday) , 08:00 - 18:00

Computer technology is dramatically changing in recent years. Besides the general progression in multi-core and many-core designs there is a strong demand for emerging nano-scale technologies with low power dissipation, intelligent, bio-inspired machines, massively-parallel architectures with learning capabilities, and memristive systems.The CNNA 2016 will provide a forum for the presentation of latest results and exploration of future directions in the fields of:

  • Theory of nonlinear spatial-temporal dynamics
  • Cellular architectures and algorithms
  • Bio-inspired & neuromorphic circuits
  • Sensor-Processor-Arrays
  • Physical implementations (VLSI, Nanotechnology)
  • Learning algorithms & applications
  • Applications on FPGAs and GPUs


  • Nanoscale cells and devices for arrays
  • Cellular architectures and algorithms
  • Theoretical advances of CNNs
  • Sensory integration
  • New spatial-temporal algorithms
  • Kilo-processor chips (1D, 2D, 3D) and development systems
  • Biological relevance of CNNs
  • Applications on FPGAs and GPUs
  • Emerging new Cellular Wave Computing Technologies
  • Memristor materials, devices, circuits, and systems


Invited Speakers: tba.

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