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Prof. Ralf Seidel , Leipzig University

DNA-templated fabrication of nanostructures with optic and electronic functionality

27.09.2019 (Friday) , 12:10 - 12:25
Barkhausenbau, Heinz-Schönfeld-Hörsaal , Georg-Schumann-Str. 13 , 01187 Dresden

Recent developments in the field of DNA nanotechnology have boosted techniques that allow to programmable self-assemble DNA into nanostructures with nanometer feature sizes and high a flexibility of achievable shapes. An efficient self-assembly of complex nanostructures from individual components in a bottom-up manner may be a less resource intensive fabrication method compared to top-down approaches in current micro- and nanofabrication. Here we review our attempts in using elaborate DNA templates as well as other self-assembly techniques to form inorganic nanostructures with optic and electronic functionality within a pure bottom-up procedure. Examples include plasmonic nanostructures, such as wave guides and antennas as well electrically conductive elements. In detail we will show how DNA can be used to form complex nano-scale molds that support casting of metal elements with DNA-encoded shapes  as well as the formation of metal-semiconductor heterostructures.

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