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LASSY 2017 Live Adaptation of Software SYstems

03.04.2017 (Monday) - 06.04.2017 (Thursday) , 08:00 - 08:00
Brussels, Belgium

When developing current-day software systems, their deployment and usage environments should be considered carefully, in order to understand the adaptations those systems might need to undergo to interact with other systems and with their environment. Moreover, due to the portability, mobility and increasingly evolutionary nature of software systems, such adaptations should be enacted even while the system is running. Developing such software systems can prove challenging, and many seemingly different techniques to address this concern have been proposed over the last couple of years.

The intention of the LASSY workshop is to congregate all topics relevant to dynamic adaptation and run-time evolution of software systems, ranging from a computer science perspective covering the domains of programming languages, model-driven software development, software and service composition, context-aware databases, software variability, requirements engineering, UI adaptation and other domains, to a human perspective covering sociological or ethical implications of dynamic software systems. The workshop provides a space for discussion and collaboration between researchers working on the problem of enabling live adaptations to software systems, across the development stack.

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