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Matteo Farronato , Politecnico di Milano

Memristive devices based on 2D materials: challenges and perspectives for in-memory computing

09.05.2022 (Monday) , 14:00
BAR I88 // Zoom (link below) , Helmholtzstraße , 01062 Dresden

After the discovery of Graphene by Novoselov and Gejm in 2004, 2D materials are receiving strong interest for their mechanical, chemical, electrical and optical properties. 2D semiconductors receive a lot of attention for extreme Moore’s law scaling of transistor, flexible electronics and the realization of nano sensors, due to their intrinsic atomic thickness. Among all applications, the development of memory device is a key asset, to enable the growth of the ecosystem of a commercial 2D semiconductor technology and overcome all the limits imposed by state-of-the-art memory technologies.

In this talk, I will summarize the status of 2D semiconductors for applications as memristor and memtransistor. First, electronic devices and emerging memories will be discussed, mainly focusing on MoS2-based transistor and resistive switching memories (RRAM) based on 2D materials. Memtransistor devices, combining the transistor and memory operation in one device, will then described. Two types of MoS2 memtransistors will be shown, namely an ion-based Memtransistor where switching relies on the field-induced migration of Ag ions and a charge-based Memtransistor. The neuromorphic properties of charge-based memtransistors for online neural network and for reservoir computing will be discussed.

Matteo Farronato is an electronic engineer with a great passion for physics and semiconductors. He is currently working on a project involving nanoelectronic devices based on 2D semiconductors for memory and synaptic applications. Matteo is working on his PhD in the group of Prof. Daniele Ielmini.


Everybody welcome!

Hosts: Prof. Thomas Mikolajick / Dr. Erika Covi

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Meeting ID: 886 4410 0112
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