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CANCELLED Michael F. Toney , Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Light Source, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanford University

CANCELLED Real-time Investigation of Film Formation Pathways in Organic and Hybrid Perovskite Films

17.03.2020 (Tuesday) , 15:00 - 16:30
KRO 1.11; Hermann-Krone-Bau , Nöthnitzer Str. 61 , 01187 Dresden



Organic and organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite solar cells have gained tremendous
attention due to their high efficiencies and their compatibility with low-cost lowtemperature
fabrication methods (such as solution processing). Both organic and perovskite film formation is complex, involving the formation of intermediates and/or metastable phases that strongly affect the final perovskite film microstructure.
Therefore, understanding the film formation pathways is key for facile control of organic and perovskite films. Our work highlights the importance of real-time investigation of perovskite film formation which can aid in establishing processing-microstructurefunctionality relationships and help to provide a fundamental understanding of the mechanisms of perovskite formation. This talk will describe such in-situ x-ray scattering studies: 1. the formation of mixed cation (Cs, FA)PbI3 perovskites during spin coating and the subsequent post-deposition treatments; and 2. morphology development in blends of polymer donor and non-fullerene molecular acceptors.

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