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Prof. Yana Vaynzof , TU Dresden, cfaed

Women in Science - Panel Discussion

20.04.2021 (Tuesday) , 19:00 - 20:30

On 20 April 2021 from 7pm to 8:30pm, the English speaking panel discussion "Question a Scientist*" will feature three female scientists from different career stages.

  • Prof. Yana Vaynzof ( Chair for Emerging Electronic Technologies, cfaed and IAPP, TU Dresden)
  • Douha Al-Fayyad (Research Associate  Chair of Process Engineering in Hydro Systems TU Dresden)
  • Meryem Simsek ( associated external investigator at the Cluster of Excellence CeTI, International Computer Science Institute Berkeley)

They discuss their perspectives on the film and report on their own professional . All interested parties are cordially invited to attend. The link will be sent to you after registration by emailing diversity.management@tu-dresden.de

Additionally, we want to give those interested the opportunity to share some of their personal experiences of discrimination either in the course of their studies or during their work in the sciences even ahead of the event. These individual testimonies can then be presented during the panel discussion – anonymously and contingent upon personal consent – so as to broaden the range of experiences represented on the panel with further individual accounts. You can anonymously submit your testimonial using this questionnaire. Additionally, you can send an account of your experiences to the following email address: diskriminierung-genow@web.de.

The organizing team is looking forward to a lively participation and an inspiring discussion.

Inviting institutions: Hochschulgruppe GENOW, STURA, Büro der zentralen Frauen- und Gleichstellungsbeauftragten, Staff Unit Diversity Managment


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